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Location: Schreiber

Township of Schreiber - Facility Operations Supervisor (FOS) To perform maintenance and upkeep of the Recreation Centre, Community Hall, parks and other recreation facilities and municipal buildings. Job will include part-time evenings and weekends with no guaranteed hours of work.

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 Direction Received / Independent Action
-Follows Department operation procedures and schedules; and provincial regulations, standards and codes regarding health and safety; and work practices with respect to service and operation of compressors and handling of chemical and combustible substances.
-Receives written or verbal direction with regard to shift priorities from Lead Hand or caretaker at start of shift. Building schedule and functions will be obtained from office. Work is monitored by Lead Hand and/or Recreation Caretaker though visual inspection of facility conditions and review activity reports.
-Works independently without supervision to carry out scheduled tasks and priority assignments and determines when discretionary tasks should be performed (i.e. additional cleaning require, ice resurfacing, etc.
-Receives instructions and direction from supervisor as required by changes in equipment, operating procedures and schedules.
Supervision / Direction of Other Employees
-Not normally responsible for supervision of other personnel. May be required to direct work of co-op students when assigned (i.e. delegate tasks, ensure tasks are completed).
-Advises skating attendants and referees with regard to appropriate procedure / problem resolution (i.e. problems with facility users, injured patrons).
-Required to follow safe work practices to avoid injury to self, co-workers and public.
Inside Contacts
-Other Recreation Staff - To exchange information regarding facility condition and provide resurfacing; to request that players and users clear the ice for cleaning, Etc.
Outside Contacts
Public Facility Users -Reports to general information requests (i.e. opening and closing times). Refers requests relation to bookings and complaints regarding facility operation and scheduling to superiors. Investigates and takes action on reports of unsatisfactory facility conditions (i.e. washrooms dirty, ice surface damaged)
-Police  to request assistance in removing unruly patrons from premises.
-By- Law Enforcement Officer
Duties and Responsibilities Relating To Major Activities
-Major Activity A: Custodial Duties
-Performs regularly schedules custodial duties. Cleans and tidies public areas, walkways, exit ways, stands (i.e. sweeps, mopes, picks up refuse, shovels). Cleans and sanitizes change and washroom areas (i.e. cleans sinks and mirrors, counters, floors, stalls and refills paper and soap dispensers, unplugs and cleans toilets). Set up rooms and facilities as per user requests
-Reports damage, repair requirements and major equipment malfunctioning to supervisor and notifies of supply and material needs.
-Secures facilities against vandalism and theft when last to leave or facility is closing. Checks that all doors are secured.
-Unlocks doors to limited access areas for those authorized and ensures lock-up after (i.e. cooler, dressing rooms, P.A. Booth, etc.)
- Completes time book and provides verbal and written facility / equipment condition reports to supervisor.
-Completes all necessary documentation (i.e. compressor room readings, hall user reports, incident and accident reports, etc.)
Major Activity B:
Supervisor and Maintenance of Facilities
-Directs players and skaters to leave the ice as necessary for resurfacing and at the close of the scheduled ice use periods.
-Oversees individuals using the facility. Reports individuals or groups abusing facility rules and provides crowd control (i.e. asks loud / boisterous individuals to quiet down during spectator events).
-Provides first aid to facility users for minor cuts and bruises and calls for medical assistance as needed.
-Operates Olympia to resurface ice as needed. Performs pre-operational checks and minor service (i.e. refueling). Performs ice scraping and edging as necessary and periodically tests P.A. system. Reports all malfunctions to supervisor.
-Operates snow blower, shovels and removes snow from public entrances. Checks restricted parking zones and direct vehicle owners to park elsewhere or contact By-Law officer as necessary.
-Operates hand tools (i.e. lawnmower and liner) required to maintain outdoor facilities (i.e. Ball Park, beach and playground).
Physical Demands
Major works demands for moderate to physical agility; light physical strength; and, muscular strain for long to extended periods while performing regular custodial duties and moving about the facilities. Dexterity is required for short periods to operate the Olympia.
Mental and Visual Demands
-Equipment operation demands concentration and attention for short periods. Remains alert to abnormal machine and equipment noises.
-Requests from patrons occasionally interrupt concentration for short periods.
-Ice resurfacing must be accomplished between scheduled events / programs. Irregularly required to respond in emergency situations when patrons are injured
Working Conditions
Hours of Work
-Works irregular hours as per facility schedule requires.
-Occasional overnight travel to workshops.
-All other hours are compensated.
Working Environment
-Spends 70% of work time within arena or in open public areas with attendant exposure to dirt and bodily wastes while performing custodial work, and to noise and constant cold while maintaining ice surfaces.
-Outdoor time is spend in close proximity to shelter with attendant exposure to temperature extremes and disagreeable climatic conditions when cleaning entrances, checking parking zones, cutting grass and lining the fall field, etc.
-Frequently exposed to risks from moving parts / wheels and to slipping / falling accidents when operating resurfacer and working on ice, and to germs when cleaning washrooms. Irregularly exposed to combustible substances when refueling and operating mechanical equipment (i.e. truck, Olympia, Ice Resurfacer, Lawn Mower, etc.)
-Potential Physical and mental exposure from irate clients.
-Adheres to the regulations pertaining to the freedom of information and protection of privacy act.
 Ability to conduct custodial duties, able to work with the public and able to perform minor maintenance. Valid class  drivers license. First aid certification is an asset and but not necessary.
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  How to Apply: Please submit your resume to the Director of Operations -Mitchell Fairservice at the Municipal Office at 204 Alberta St. Schreiber, ON, P0T2S0. For more information contact Mitchell Fairservice at (807) 824-2711 ext. 230 or at director@schreiber.ca

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 Mitchell Fairservice
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 Municipal Office
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 Township of Schreiber
 204 Alberta Street
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 P0T 2S0
 807-824-2711 ext 230
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