Future Paths

Please Note: This program is on hold until further notice!


The Future Paths Program ,funded in part by the Government of Canada's Youth Employment Strategy provides funding for employers to offer Post-Secondary graduates employment opportunities to obtain career related work experience. The objective of this program is to assist youth to acquire advanced employment skills and facilitate their transition to a rapidly changing labour market. The program assist youth to connect with employers that can provide them with career related experience.

Who can participate?

Youth must be:

  • 15-30 years of age (inclusive)
  • Post-Secondary graduate within the last 5 years * from a recognized degree, diploma or certificate program
  • Out of school
  • Canadian citizen , permanent resident or granted refugee status in Canada
  •  Legally entitled to work in Canada
  • Not in receipt of Employment Insurance benefits

Employers must be:

  • private sector, or not for profit organizations
  •  currently looking to fill a vacant full-time position or considering hiring in the near future
  • WSIB or alternative workplace insurance covered

How Does it Work?

If you are a youth and meet the eligibility criteria indicated above , you can expect to;

  • receive job readiness supports (resume & cover letter development, interview prep, other relevant job readiness supports)
  • work in collaboration with the Job Developer, actively playing a part in the job search effort to find field relevant on the job training opportunities
  • on the job training opportunities up to 26 weeks in field and career relevant positions

If you are an employer and meet the eligibility criteria indicated above, you can expect to;

  • complete the following forms for consideration for participation in the Future Path's program:
  • once approved, receive referrals of suitable candidates for consideration for your identified job opportunity and/or
  • recommend your own candidate for consideration for assessment of suitability for participation in the program
  • once a connection has been made, receive a wage subsidy to offset the costs associated with hiring your new employee for a on the job placement up to 26 weeks


Key Points to Note:

  • position being offered must require a high skill set and/or post-secondary education
  • must be a minimum of 35 hours per week for 26 weeks
  • wage subsidy is negotiated up to 50% of the hourly rate 


Priority will be given to opportunities within the following sectors:

  • Science & Technology
  • Health Care
  • Green Energy & Renewable Sources
  • Business, Finance & Administration  
  • Trades , Transport and Equipment Operators



For Youth

  • there is no fee to participate, all services are FREE
  • gain a competitive edge when applying for employment 
  • opportunity to work full-time in a field relevant employment opportunity up to 26 weeks

For Employers

  • there is no fee to participate and minimal paperwork required
  • find and keep educated, skilled, high calibre employees
  • a wage incentive to help offsets the costs of onboarding and training a new graduate



If you are a recent graduate from a recognized degree, diploma or certificate program;

  • Contact NEW at (807) 473-3829 today to schedule an appointment to meet


 If you are an employer currently looking to fill a full-time vacant position ;