Port Inspection Diver ID: 58010

Deadline Date: 2020/04/17

Location: Thunder Bay

Port Inspection Divers use compressed air breathing apparatus (CABA) to perform various underwater searches, surveys and inspections, primarily for the purpose of port security. Port security is one aspect of Maritime Coastal Operations conducted to ensure the maritime security of the nation. Port Inspection Divers often work in conjunction with naval port security teams to provide underwater skill sets in support of the sovereignty and safety of Canada's numerous ports, harbours and waterways, and may also be deployed outside Canada for operations or exercises.

  • Port Inspection Divers have the following responsibilities:
  • Underwater searches and harbour/sea bottom surveys.
  • Inspections of jetties and ships' hulls.
  • Identification of surface and underwater explosive devices. Participating in mine counter measure (MCM) operations
  • Performing underwater search and recovery operations
  • Performing underwater photography
  • Recognizing diving or pressure-related illnesses
  • Providing assistance to civil authorities when required during domestic operations Port Inspection Divers Port Inspection Divers must also carry out several tasks in support of diving activities such as driving inflatable boats and specialized dive vehicles, preparing dive sites, maintaining dive-related equipment and conducting general and diving-related administration including forward logistics for operations.
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 Thunder Bay
 125 North Algoma St.
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 Art, Culture, Recreation and Sport
Basic occupational qualification training Port Inspection Divers attend one of the Navy's two Fleet Diving Units located in Halifax, NS or Esquimalt, BC for six weeks of initial dive training to acquire a shallow water (15m) diving qualification that is common to all diving-related occupations/sub-occupations in the Canadian Armed Forces.
This is followed by a three-week dive course which involves qualification to a depth of 30m using surface supplied air diving systems to be considered fully-trained and prepared for operational deployments. Advanced training Career progression in the Port Inspection Diving occupation involves advanced dive-related training, including:
- small boat and rigid hulled inflatable boat driving qualifications
- qualification in explosive device recognition/identification
- deep diving qualification to 45m
- dive supervisor qualification to 15m
- dive supervisor qualification to 45m
- The Port Inspection Diver occupation is open to men and women.
- Candidates must demonstrate above-average team work and enjoy learning the principles of human physiology and diving physics.
- A Port Inspection Diver must be highly dependable, self-motivated, confident, with a high-degree of self-control and emotional stability.
- Determination, maturity and responsibility are necessary attributes to diving candidates.
- Since diving is a physically demanding trade, candidates must be coordinated, manually dexterous, and must always maintain a high level of fitness.
- Candidates must pass a pressure tolerance test to be eligible to become a Port Inspection Diver.
- Aside from the educational requirements previously mentioned, a successful candidate must meet the citizenship and age requirements outlined below:
- be a Canadian Citizen
- be 16-56 years of age parental consent required under 18 if you are 16, you must also be attending school full-time
Port Inspection Divers experience the unique adventures and challenges that come with working in a marine environment. The work is physically and mentally demanding, and often involves diving in restricted visibility or confined areas and hazardous situations. Reserve Force members usually serve part-time with their home unit for scheduled evenings and weekends, although they may also serve in full-time positions at some units for fixed terms, depending on the type of work that they do.
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 Maria Matuszewska
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 Navy Reserves HMCS GRIFFON
 125 North Algoma St.
 Thunder Bay
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 P7A 4Z5
 18073435200 ext 5221
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