Pre-Apprenticeship Training

If you are interested in working in a trade but don't have the skills or experience to get a job as an apprentice, you can apply for this type of training. 

How it Works

  • This training is offered by different organizations, such as colleges or community agencies, across Ontario
  • There is no cost! The costs for textbooks, safety equipment and tools are also covered
  • The training goes for up to 52 weeks and starts at different times throughout the year
  • this training includes a work placement for 8 to 12 weeks

You can receive:

  • safety training for skilled trades
  • training to improve your academic skills
  • basic level apprenticeship in-school training

How do I qualify?

  • you have graduated from high school
  • you left before finishing high school 

How do I apply? 

  • You can search for Pre-Apprenticeship training near you and apply directly to the organization offering it