Employment Services

The Employment Service program offers a range of resources, supports and service components to respond to the career and employment needs of individuals and the needs of employers, and can help individuals on a path to higher skill training & employment.

Who is it For?

Everyone can access the self-service information and resources  including; (currently available online only)
  • people with job - who are underemployed
  • people looking for work
  • students
  • persons with a disability
  • Youth (15-29 years old)
  • apprentices
  • Internationally trained individuals
  • newcomers
  • employers 

The ES Program is divided into three key areas:


1. Community Employment Resource Centre (RI)

Visit our Community Employment Resource Centre where anyone seeking employment/and or training can access this walk-in community resource. Individuals looking for work can access information on:

  • Jobs/careers
  • the local labour market
  • job search strategy workshops
  • Summer Jobs Program
  • training opportunities including Apprenticeship, Second Career and Self Employment Benefits Programs


2. Job Search (JS)

Supports for individuals who are determined unsuccessful/unable in conducting a job search on own.

This service offers:

  • individualized assistance in career clarification & goal setting
  • skills and interest assessments
  • interview and employment preparation
  • planning & conducting job search based on individual goal setting and action plan


3. Job Matching, Placement and Incentives (JMPI)
Individuals referred to this level of service will receive assistance from a Job Developer in obtaining a placement opportunity with a local employer to gain the necessary skills and experience to be successful in attaining their goals.


The Employment Service Program is offered through the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development, to learn more about how we can help you, contact the office closest to you!