Summer Placement Research Assistant -OAC ID: 66729

Deadline Date: 2021/07/02

Location:  Virtual

Work Description and Contract for Summer Employment RESEARCH ASSISTANT
Between Beverly Anne Sabourin & Associates(hereinafter referred to as BASA) and(hereinafter referred to as the research assistant)

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 Contract-Summer Employment
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Responsibilities & Reporting Requirements
The work required is to be carried out over an eleven-week period, beginning Monday, June 7th and ending August 20th, 2021. The research assistant will be required to work 25 hours per week at a rate of pay of $14.00 per hour. The responsibilities are defined as follows: - Fully research and document all current online social media sites in Canada selling Indigenous arts and crafts, including all their social media coordinates (website, Facebook, Instagram, etc.);
- Fully research and document all current online social media sites in Canada selling Indigenous beading supplies both wholesale and retail;
- Assist in the creation of appropriate profiles for Ojibwe Artisan Creations on Instagram, Facebook and other social media sites;
- Assist in the creation of a preferred logo either free through a website or through a local graphic designer for a more polished look
- Assist in the creation of a biography for OAC to include in the bio portion of the social media platform
- Assist in the creation of hashtags that are relevant to OAC products.
- Identify at least 100 different profiles that are relevant to your business as a way to connect with others
- Assist in the possible creation of an appropriate OAC website
- Assist in the linkage of all existing accounts with one another so prospective buyers may easily find the OAC website or other social media platforms that OAC may establish - Undertake other related research responsibilities as may be assigned from time to time.


Ojibwe Artisan Creations (OAC) is an Indigenous-owned business in the very early stages of development. This position is for a university student, preferably in her/his junior or senior year at a university or community college, enrolled in a program the primary emphasis of which is in the field of marketing with a specialty in online marketing for Indigenous products. Demonstrated experience in undertaking online research in these fields of marketing is essential. The research assistant must be familiar with online all online marketing platforms and possess basic skills in computer programs such as Microsoft Word and be familiar with the use of email. For reasons of the personal safety of the student and BASA representatives, the student will work from home, must have a telephone and access to a computer. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic should a “face-to-face” meeting be required, it will only be undertaken if absolutely necessary and under the strictest of required safety conditions permitted at the time by public health authorities.


Conditions of Work // Payment of Salary
It is understood that the research assistant will work from home and may be required to meet with BASA so long as all safety precautions are undertaken.
BASA agrees to pay the research assistant the sum of $700.00 bi-weekly minus all government-required deductions, beginning Friday, June 21st 2021.
• Supervision
The consultant will report directly and on a weekly basis to Peter Globensky, managing partner of BASA and/or Beverly Anne Sabourin, sole proprietor of OAC in the execution of the project.
• Modifications
The present work description and agreement cannot be changed without the prior approval and expressed consent of BASA. It is understood that the assignment of “other related research responsibilities” as noted above does not constitute a modification of this agreement. This present agreement replaces all other contracts, verbal or written, between the parties hereto.
• Ownership of Documents
At the termination of the present work period, all current and completed work and all resource materials will be submitted by the research assistant to BASA and will be the property of BASA.

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 Interested candidates are asked to apply via email to

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 Peter Andre Globensky BASA
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 Beverly Anne Sabourin & Associates
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